We offer Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy

Occupational Therapy

sensory integration, fine motor/handwriting exercises, upper body strengthening, oral motor strengthening, trunk or core musculature exercises, hand strengthening, visual motor exercises, bilateral integration exercises, ball skills, puzzle skills, perceptual skills, self-regulation skill training, coping with frustration and stressors, relaxation strategies.

Physical Therapy

Gross motor skills (such as sitting, crawling, standing, walking, running, stair climbing, jumping, skipping, negotiating playground equipment, etc.), Strength training of core muscles, and arms and legs, Motor coordination, Postural control, Ball play skills, Balance training to decrease falls when walking, running, and while negotiating child’s everyday envrionment, Motor planning to allow child to know what to do and how to do it.

Speech Therapy

Receptive language (language comprehension), including skills such as following directions, responding to a variety of questions, understanding a range of concepts, and processing more complex sentences and stories,

 Expressive language, including expanding sentences, building vocabulary, recalling and retelling stories, improving descriptive language, and augmenting verbal reasoning skills.

Pragmatic language, including building peer interactions, maintaining topics, using verbal language to problem-solve and negotiate with others, identifying and managing emotions, and expanding functional and pretend play skills

Articulation and phonology, Phonemic awareness and pre-literacy/literacy skills ,  Oral-motor skills

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– Julie D.