Welcome to PlayWorks!

PlayWorks is a pediatric therapy clinic providing evaluation and treatment of children from infants through teenage years.  We specialize in creating individualized programs to address the needs of each child and work closely with the parents and caregivers.

Our goal is to build strong foundation skills for a child to succeed in all areas of functioning, across all environments. We specialize in building a child's confidence, trust, and self-esteem. Our services include occupational, physical and speech therapy. We also provide screenings, assessments and developmental intervention. Welcome to our website, it has been designed to provide an introduction to our practice and provide resources for families of children with special needs.

If you have concerns about your child or a teacher or pediatrician refers your child for an evaluation, there are several options:

You can contact us directly at info@playworksnyc.com or call (718)606-1818.

  1. PlayWorks can perform a screening to advise whether your child needs further testing
  2. PlayWorks therapists can perform private evaluations and private therapy sessions
  3. PlayWorks can refer you to the appropriate educational evaluation program:

Early Intervention for 0-3 years
Department of Education for 3-21 years.

These agencies perform multidisciplinary evaluations and if the child qualifies for therapy, you can request PlayWorks. These services are at no additional cost to the families of eligible children.